Best Digital Grand Piano and Baby Grand Pianos (Reviews & Guide 2022)

Welcome to our ultimate buying guide for the 7 best digital grand piano and digital baby grand pianos for 2022! We know the joys of having a piano in your home. Not only you can have fun playing songs when entertaining family and friends, but you can get in the practice time that you need from the comfort of your own home. Digital pianos come with new features that would make Elton John and Billy Joel jealous to boot.

Our buying guide will answer some of your burning questions too, including:

  • What are the best digital grand piano and baby grand pianos on the market?
  • Which grand piano is the right one for me?
  • What’s the difference between digital grand piano and baby grand pianos?
  • How can I compare the top features of all the best instruments?

In our buying guide, you can find out more about the top-rated digital pianos and all the other options that we recommend. You’ll also find tips on how to pick a good digital grand piano for your family and other things to consider before having one shipped to your home.

Comparing the 7 Top Digital Grand Pianos

In our comparison chart of the digital grand pianos, you can see what information and features we used to identify and rank the top models. Our reviews start with the best model at the top and follow a descending order to include the other pianos we thought should be on this list. On top of all that, you’ll see that we included the ranking of those instruments in the reviews below.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Digital Grand Piano

  • Quality

    While you may decide to save money and go with a cheap keyboard piano, paying more for a better-quality instrument today beats paying even more for a better model later. The top-rated digital grand pianos have better cabinets made from real wood. This refers to the cabinet that surrounds the instrument and supports all the working parts. Though some use ash, other pianos use a stronger type of wood that will last longer. Even better, these models come with durable benches that will last as long as the pianos do. A good bench will provide enough support that you can feel comfortable when practicing and playing in front of others.

  • Design

    Design is something that you should think about when buying any type of digital grand piano too. Do you want one with the same 88 keys found on a standard piano? If you ever played before, you’ll find that you can easily pick up where you left off and feel confident that touching those keys will produce the sound that you expect. Keyboard models often have fewer keys but come with more features and let you add more sound and voice effects to your music. Some of these grand electric pianos even let you press a few buttons and let it do all the hard work of putting those effects together into a new song.

  • Size

    Grand pianos are something that you often only see in large mansions and performance venues simply because the instruments are too large for most homes. The digital grand pianos take all the features of those instruments and condense them down into a smaller package. You’ll still need quite a bit of space though, which may require sacrificing space in a guestroom, home office or living room. On the other hand, digital baby grands are smaller in size and provide all the same features without taking up nearly as much room. You can also choose a digital keyboard with a piano key layout that can save even more space.

  • Use, Care and Maintenance

    It’s important that you know how you can use your digital grand piano and how to take good care of it too. Some of the top-notch electric grand piano on our list come with dust covers. When you finish playing, you can toss that cover on top and rest assured that no dust or other debris will touch the keys or any of the piano’s electronic parts. Most models require that you keep the instruments away from direct sunlight and that you use them in areas of your home where people/animals won’t run into them or knock them over. If you choose a portable digital grand piano, you must ensure that it comes with a stand that will support the full weight of the piano.

  • Budget

    A major issue that can affect your choice is how much you can afford to spend on a digital grand piano or baby grand piano. With models available in a range of price points though, you can find a piano that fits your budget. Some of the top models cost $2,000 or more, but you can get a good digital piano in the $1,000 to $1,500 price range. There are keyboards and mini baby grand digital pianos that cost even less too.

Other Features to Keep in Mind

  • Multitrack Recording

    Multitrack recording is a feature available on some high-end digital grand pianos. It allows you to put together audio clips and the music you play to create a recording that you can save. Some models allow you to record and save anywhere from two songs to six songs or more.

  • MIDI

    MIDI is a type of standard interface used by musicians. It allows instruments and other electronic devices to work together and to share files. When you buy an electric baby grand piano with this feature, you can connect the piano to a computer or other instruments.

  • USB Connectivity

    The worst thing that might happen when you buy a digital grand piano is that it won’t connect to your computer. Your computer can save the songs that you record and give you access to audio clips that you download from the web. Models with USB connectivity make it easy to use the electric piano with a computer or any other device that is compatible with a USB cord.

  • Voices and Programs

    Yamaha and other manufacturers of digital grand pianos come with voices and other programs already loaded and/or give you access to clips online or in the cloud that you can use. Those programs help you edit your songs to give them professional quality and add funny voices and other clips to your music.

  • Volume

    One feature you might overlook when picking a digital grand piano is the volume of the instrument. This is important if you want to play in front of others though. You generally want one that is loud enough that those around can hear it, which can relate to the number of speakers inside. If you share a home with others, you may want one that is softer or one that is compatible with headphones.

  • Teaching Materials

    No matter how much experience you have with the piano, you may want to look for grand pianos and baby grand pianos that come with teaching materials. Some of the models we rated highest include workbooks that show you where to put your hands on the keys and how to put notes together to play songs. Yamaha also has the Yamaha Education Suite, which includes songs for beginners that you can download to your piano. Other digital grand pianos come with cards and discs that you can insert that teach you how to play. Some of those tools also include tips and songs that you can work your way up to as you gain more experience.

  • Sound Quality

    There is no point in purchasing a digital grand piano that doesn’t have good sound quality because it can turn you off from playing or cause you to spend even more money on a better instrument. When you play notes, you want to make sure that each one has crystal clear quality and that those notes sound exactly the way they should. It’s also helpful to listen to the notes as they end to make sure the quality doesn’t change.

  • Key Response

    Some of the cheapest digital pianos and keyboards on the market have a poor key response. This means that you might press a key and not hear the note play for several seconds or longer. The best electronic grand piano will respond in real-time to each note and key that you strike. Those notes should sound exactly the same as they would when played on a traditional piano too.

  • Touch and Feel

    One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a digital grand piano and baby grand piano is how it feels when you touch the keys. We found that some models have sticky keys. You’ll need to use more pressure when pushing those keys to get them to play. Though some pianos have sticky or hard keys originally and loosen up over time, you want to make sure that the piano feels comfortable to your hands the first time you play.

Best Digital Grand Pianos 2022 Reviews

Welcome to our digital grand piano reviews section where you’ll find all the information needed to choose a high-end concert grand piano for your home. We started with the Yamaha DGX 660 because we feel it’s the best option for the money. Our review includes the key features of each of these music instruments as well as the pros and cons to help you find the highest quality electric grand piano on the market.

1. Yamaha DGX 660 Grand Digital Piano

Quick Features:

  • Pure sound of the Yamaha traditional grand piano
  • Weighted action for more depth
  • Bright and easy to view display
  • Multiple options and features to choose from

The best digital grand piano that money can buy is the DGX 660 from Yamaha because it recreates the same notes and sounds like those produced by the traditional pianos from the same manufacturer. This ranks as one of the most popular models online for a number of reasons, including a bright display screen located front and center and an included kit. That display lets you follow along with the notes that you see and access all the settings you need. You also get an extra kit from Yamaha that includes a large 19-inch bench that is suitable for adults and kids and a dust cover. Even better, a DVD and CD also comes included that teach beginners how to play. Whether you need a quick refresher course or want to learn how to play the piano from scratch, this is the top choice on the market.

  • Teaches you how to play the piano via an included CD and DVD
  • Piano sustain pedal and keyboard dust cover
  • Keyboard stand, music rest and foot switch
  • Impressive built-in speakers
  • Produces the same notes that traditional Yamaha pianos do
  • Lets you choose from acoustic and electronic notes based on your preferences
  • Fits both adults and kids
  • The keys can feel stiff when you first start
  • You need to pay extra for a pedalboard to use all features of the piano

2. Casio CGP-700BK Compact Grand Digital Piano with Bench

Quick Features:

  • Large 5.3-inch full-color touchscreen
  • 40W surround sound system with six built-in speakers
  • USB recording option
  • Includes hundreds of built-in sounds and tones

With dozens of products to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best grand digital piano that meets your needs and budget. One good alternative to the Yamaha piano is this Casio model. Thanks to a built-in surround sound system with an impressive six included speakers, this piano lets you hear the notes that you strike in real-time with brilliant clarity. It has a sequencer for using with up to 17 tracks and allows you to record songs via USB. You can use the outputs to connect the piano to other instruments and speakers when playing live on stage. We also like the 5.3-inch touchscreen because it lets you make changes in seconds and with just one touch. The included pedal, workbooks and other accessories make this a direct competitor to the more expensive Yamaha digital grand piano.

  • Costs a fraction of what other pianos do
  • Comes with accessories that include teaching workbooks, a soundbar and foot pedal
  • Has inputs and outputs for connecting to speakers and other types of equipment
  • Makes navigating through samples and tones easy
  • Requires the use of the soundbar to get good audio quality

3. Kurzweil KAG100 Grand Digital Piano

Quick Features:

  • 200 presets to select from
  • Easy to use controls
  • Built-in songs that beginners can quickly learn
  • Connects to wireless devices via Bluetooth

One of the best digital grand pianos out there on the market that has the look and feel of a traditional piano is this Kurweil KAG100. Designed for home use, it features songs for beginners that teach you how to play as you place your hands on the keys and follow along with the music. Once you have more experience, you can choose from more than 100 types of music to have other instruments back you. There are also 200 presets that you can choose from to change the notes produced by the 88 keys. This piano also has a recording feature that lets you record up to two full-length songs. On top of all that, it has four speakers inside and can connect to speakers and other devices wirelessly via Bluetooth to stream music over the internet or to share your playing with others.

  • Lets you record and share your music online
  • Connects wirelessly to almost any device
  • Includes a matching bench for sitting as you play
  • Uses the same keyboard layout as traditional pianos do
  • Might be too complex for beginners

4. Suzuki MDG-300 Micro Grand Piano

Quick Features:

  • Good sound balance
  • Multitrack recording option for daily use
  • Bluetooth technology for wirelessly connecting to other devices
  • USB port works with most computers for recording and sound engineering

One of our favorite micro digital grand piano for those on a budget is the MDG-300 from Suzuki. The traditional design of this piano can make you feel like an expert as soon as you take a seat. It has a USB port for use with a computer to record songs right to that device and to use editing software as you work.

The MDG-300 is one of the few digital grand pianos we found that will work with an iPad too. You can play a total of 128 different notes and hear each one as brightly as the next, thanks to the six built-in speakers. A multitrack recording feature also enables you to record all the songs that you play and see how you improved over time. This grand piano comes with a padded bench to keep you comfortable as you play and a foot pedal that changes the notes produced by each strike of the key.

  • Can help you keep track of your playing and improvements
  • Works with your iPad and other devices
  • Has MIDI and other types of ports for connecting to other electronics
  • Delivers rich sound through six different speakers
  • Does not come with all accessories that similar top-rated models do
  • Beginners may have a difficult time learning how to play it

5. Suzuki MDG-400 Baby Grand Digital Piano

Quick Features:

  • Gorgeous and beautiful black lacquer cabinet
  • Compatible with all wireless electronic devices
  • 88 sensitive keys on the board
  • Includes different types of songs for beginners

While a traditional baby brand might cost a pretty penny, the MDG-400 is more affordable and comes close to matching the features of the MDG-300, which we ranked as the fourth-best digital grand piano. You can choose from more than 50 songs and play along with the notes you see on the screen, or you can select from the 14 demo songs to see just what this piano can do. It comes with a card that you can insert to access those songs and a playbook that teaches you how to play. Suzuki also gives you a manual that shows you how to put the piano together and use the six built-in speakers, which include two bass speakers and two with a more intensive range. The MDG-400 also comes with a deluxe bench that is more comfortable and has some hidden storage under the top.

  • Includes songs for beginners learning how to play
  • Has a cable for connecting to USB devices and an iPad adapter
  • Works with a card that includes more songs
  • Gives you extra storage hidden inside the included bench
  • Requires some assembly when it arrives
  • Some features are confusing and hard to use

6. Williams Symphony with Bench

Quick Features:

  • Elegant and glossy finish in black lacquer
  • Miniature size but features all the bells and whistles of larger models
  • Bright and brilliant LCD display in the center
  • Includes more than 100 songs you can rearrange

Designed for experts and budding piano players, this Williams Symphony piano connects wirelessly to the cloud to let you choose from more than 200 options available in the company’s library. Not only can you add voices to your songs, but you can also choose from custom sounds and other notes that you download and save to the instrument. The downsides of this piano include its small size and soft noises, which you might have a hard time hearing. That small size makes this a must-have for apartment dwellers though because it lets you save space. This piano features a full 88 keys, six speakers tucked inside and 120 songs built into it. You’ll also like the glossy black lacquer finish, which makes this piano look like it cost more than it actually did.

  • Compact and small to help you save space
  • Includes full access to the manufacturer’s digital cloud library
  • Has a traditional design on both the piano and included bench
  • Responds quickly to each key that you press
  • Is not as loud as some of the other digital grand pianos are
  • Has a very small design that might not be comfortable for all adults

7. Yamaha YPG535 Portable Grand Piano

Quick Features:

  • Built-in sequencer for recording and saving up to six tracks
  • Includes a database with more than 200 songs
  • Sits flat on top of the included keyboard stand
  • Yamaha Education Suite teaches you how to play

If you love the sounds that grand pianos produce but don’t have the space or the money for one of these instruments, you should definitely consider the YPG535 from Yamaha. This is a portable model that combines everything you love about a grand piano with the size of a portable keyboard. One cool thing about this instrument is that it gives you access to the Yamaha Education Suite, which includes songs for beginners and tips for those just starting out. As an added bonus, you can use more than 260 songs and clips in your music, which include voices you can add to those tracks. It also has a sequencer that lets you record up to six different tracks and play them at a later time. This keyboard has 88 keys and a digital screen in the center, and it fits right on top of the included stand.

  • Offers songs and tips for those who never played before
  • Key resistance and sustain pedal work great
  • Includes loads of features that make it a good buy for the money
  • Includes a stand for playing the keyboard while sitting or standing
  • Allows you to download and use more songs via a USB cord or CD
  • Some people complained about the key response
  • Foot pedal is a bit lousy

Comparing the 7 Top Digital Grand Pianos

In our comparison chart of the digital grand pianos, you can see what information and features we used to identify and rank the top models. Our reviews start with the best model at the top and follow a descending order to include the other pianos we thought should be on this list. On top of all that, you’ll see that we included the ranking of those instruments in the reviews below.

Yamaha DGX 660 88, 192 87.8 lbs
Casio CGP-700BK 88, 128 103 lbs
Kurzweil KAG100 88, 64 149.9 lbs
Suzuki MDG-300 88, 128 216 lbs
Suzuki MDG-400 88, 128 346 lbs
Williams Symphony 88, 128 189.6 lbs
Yamaha YPG535 88, 32 37 lbs


Wrap Up

To create the ultimate buying guide for best digital grand piano and baby grand pianos, we went above and beyond. We update our pages as new information becomes available to make sure that you have access to the highest rated products at any point in time. Anyone interested in purchasing a digital baby grand piano can use our reviews to compare models from top manufacturers such as Yamaha and Suzuki. With our buying guide, you’ll also find out exactly what to consider as you rank your top choices and settle on the perfect electronic grand piano.

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